The Canadian Hearing Institute is pleased to offer the newest in technological advances for those with a hearing loss – the FM Transmitter. Working with the leading edge manufacturers, the specialists will assess your specific needs and recommend the system and associated products best suited for you.

This system was created to significantly reduce unnecessary and distracting background noise. If you find background noise to be an issue, the Wireless FM is the solution. Technology is advancing rapidly with many systems now being Bluetooth capable and the staff at The Canadian Hearing Institute will review the wide variety of systems available and help you select the one that will provide you with optimum results.

And of course, they provide service to all Wireless FM systems. Call today to learn more about this latest development in hearing technology and see if it is right for you.

Bluetooth systems can answer your home or mobile phone, and have your hearing aids act as ear pieces which enable you to hear conversations in both ears, they can also be setup wirelessly to your television, MP3 players and other audio devices.

The Canadian Hearing Institute – here for you today and tomorrow.