noise-protection-devicesOver 15% of North Americans suffer some form of hearing loss. By the age of 65, that increases to nearly 50%. The staff of The Canadian Hearing Institute recognizes the need for everyone to protect their hearing. They encourage everyone to turn down the volume when listening to the radio, TV, your MP3 Player or Ipod.

As part of their overall service, The Canadian Hearing Institute offers a variety of noise protection devices. These range from foam earplugs, headband style earmuffs and custom-fitted protection devices. We offer custom hearing protection devices, which are beneficial in assisting in high noise work environments as well as any other high volume surroundings.Some benefits of custom-fitted protection devices include:

Much more effective than generic foam plugs, can be used at work, in the home, during leisure activities, including a shooting range.

Especially beneficial for musicians as it allows them to hear the music without hearing the excessive background noise.