hearing-counselingThe Canadian Hearing Institute is recognized as a local leader in the delivery of professional hearing health services. An important aspect in the delivery of proper hearing care, is being able to recognize the emotional strain that hearing loss causes and providing support to both the individual and his/her family. Understanding this need, they provide the emotional support that those affected by hearing loss require.

More often than not, people with sudden hearing loss will deal with it better for that very reason – because it’s sudden and often very apparent. However, those with gradual loss of hearing loss often begin by blaming others for mumbling or speaking too quietly. The staff of The Canadian Hearing Institute is trained to recognize these symptoms and respond in a caring and compassionate way.

The specialists at The Canadian Hearing Institute believe that emotional strain can best be reduced through early recognition of a loss of hearing and taking action to investigate the cause of the loss. Reduce the impact that reduced hearing is having on yourself and your family – call The Canadian Hearing Institute today and take the first step to a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. We’re committed to helping each client bring back the sounds of life!