Hear Your World

The Canadian Hearing Institute is committed to bringing back the sounds of life! Hearing day-to-day sounds clearly, is an essential part of everyone’s health, well being and overall happiness. In fact, the quality of your hearing has a direct impact on the quality of your life.

The team at The Canadian Hearing Institute is committed to providing exceptional service from the initial screening for hearing loss to a full examination. An initial screening will provide you with a baseline hearing level while a full examination will pinpoint the effects your hearing loss has on speech and overall communication.

The Canadian Hearing Institute is a full service hearing health care business and in addition to testing, offers a complete range of competitively priced hearing aids, repair services, assistive listening devices and both swimming and noise protection devices.
“Hearing loss affects about 15% of the population,” says Dalios. It not only affects the person losing their hearing but their friends and family as well. Hearing loss often starts with missing the S, T, or K sounds in speech and it may sound as if others are mumbling. While this may seem like a rather small thing, it raises frustration levels and can have a large impact on overall communication.

We are pleased to offer three convenient locations throughout Chatham-Kent: Chatham, Wallaceburg and Tilbury. All locations are wheel chair accessible with ground level entrances.

Chatham Location

56 Grand Ave. E.,
Chatham, ON,
N7L 1V6.

Phone: 519.352.1601
Fax: 519.352.1800

Tilbury Location

22 Mill Street,
Tilbury, ON,
N0P 2LO.

Phone: 519.352.1601
Fax: 519.352.1800

Wallaceburg Location

828 Dufferin Ave,
Wallaceburg, ON,
N8A 2V4.

Phone: 519.627.7224
Fax: 519.627.5144