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Hearing Tests

In order to determine the extent of your hearing ability, we are happy provide complimentary hearing evaluations to determine the extent of your hearing loss. Once your hearing has been evaluated, we can establish the proper treatment plan to best suit your lifestyle needs and budget. Call and book your no-obligation hearing test today.

Hearing Aids

We provide the best value guaranteed, with flexible payment options available. We are registered with the provincial active devices program, we will assist you in the process of qualifying for a government grant for the purchase of your hearing aids. We will always provide you with the most durable, advanced, and satisfying hearing aids available

Tinitus Management

Tinnitus is a common issue faced by many individuals who suffer from a ringing in the ears. Treatments are available to mask the noise helping to make Tinnitus less noticeable. If you are suffering from Tinnitus please schedule your free consultation where we can review the extent of your Tinnitus, and establish the best possible treatment.

Swim Protection Devices

Take control of your health by preventing water from entering your ear canals, swim and bathe with confidence by using our custom fitted ear plugs and put an end to ear-ache and infection. Call The Canadian Hearing Institute today to book an appointment for your custom float-able swim plugs and aqua ear-bands.